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Give a unique and memorable experience with an Escape This gift certificate. Nothing says you care like a gift certificate that sends friends and family members to be locked up - for fun, of course! Select any amount (note that game prices are $30 per person) and you can have the gift certificate emailed to you for giving or emailed directly to your recipient.



A relaxing evening or so you thought. Instead you find yourself at the center of one of his "experiments”, a game of sorts that only Sherlock could have created. Your powers of deduction will be put to the test in this eccentric and carefully crafted rite-of-passage. It’s elementary, so he says, or is it? (Up to 12 players, 6 needed to run game, reservations less than 6 will be pending until minimum is met. Having previous game experience will increase your chances of solving this room.)



You’re among a team of archaeologists who’ve set out to unravel the mysteries surrounding a long-forgotten Pharaoh whose identity to this day, remains unknown. Drawn by rumors of treasure and unimaginable wealth, you also know that all who have come before you have inexplicably disappeared. Do you have the skills - and the guts! - to make the discovery of a lifetime and escape to tell about it? (Up to 8 players, 4 needed to run game, reservations less than 4 will be pending until minimum is met. Having previous game experience will increase your chances of solving this room.)



You’ll be entrenched in a whimsical and mesmerizing setting, a black and white Wonderland where the puzzles and clues may or may not be what they seem. It will take keen eyes and a clever mind to unravel the logic (or illogic?) of the game and solve your way through this peculiar experience. Will you position yourself for a successful escape? Or, simply accept that we’re all mad here? (Up to 8 players, no minimum number of players needed.)



Escape room meets The Hangover (without the tiger, we promise). Get ready to relive a crazy night out that's resulted in you waking up, well, we're really not sure. It was the most awesome night that you just can't remember and you'll have to retrace your steps, embarrassing as they may be, to escape this room. Be ready for laughs along the way as your memory is jogged but stay focused or you won't escape in time! Adults only for this room. (Up to 10 players, no minimum number of players needed.)


UNLOCK Coming Soon!

Mobile Puzzle Challenge/Team Building Program

UNLOCK is a team building program designed by Escape This that COMES TO YOU. UNLOCK is all about releasing potential, freeing-up thinking and opening new lines of communication and collaboration. It leverages all the great problem-solving challenges found in our escape rooms but in a portable and customizable experience. Teams play in small groups and the product of each group’s efforts will be used for the final solve. It’s challenging, dynamic and rewarding. At the close of the game, teams benefit from a facilitated debrief on lessons learned. Consider UNLOCK for training breakouts, staff retreats and various corporate events for groups of 24 to 100+. Call or complete a web form for more info!

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