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    Joseph J FanningShannon Latham, Manager of Human Resources and SafetyJenny WhiteKevin HendershotDrew AudleyMarissa BlackmoreKeith FirariKathleen MurphyHelen BrausenJill ClayBetsy Krebs-McGuireMichelle RorvigDebra DexheimerEmmy JohnsonMike Blang
  • Overall the students had an excellent time. They felt more challenged than if they had just done a completed paper/pencil exam! I appreciated your working with us and accommodating our requests with your professionalism. It is definitely an activity that accomplished everything I had envisioned and wanted.  Thank you for an enjoyable time and experience - I will definitely recommend you to anyone inquiring!
    Joseph J Fanning
    Madison East High School
  • We had a great time with this event, and we all felt we walked away with something we can use going forward. It is a great tool for teambuilding and certainly helped us to realize what are strengths are, and what we need to work on. Staff are still talking about it, we will have to do this again!  
    Shannon Latham, Manager of Human Resources and Safety
    Stainless Tank & Equipment
  • We had such a great time! I know I really appreciated the feedback you gave us on how we worked as a team. As one of the team leaders, it was very encouraging to hear from someone outside how well we work together.  We’ll definitely recommend this to others!
    Jenny White
    UW Dept of Family Medicine & Community Health
  • All I can say was it was an amazing morning, everyone was excited to take part and was left with wanting more. Thank you so very much for providing the experience. We will be back!  
    Kevin Hendershot
    TMG Wisconsin
  • It was a great time that definitely led to some fun and productive conversations over dinner. I appreciate the passion you have for your business - we will be back!
    Drew Audley
    Kerr Dental
  • Thanks so much for specially accommodating our group. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Escape This! Your willingness to work with us and be flexible with our needs is much appreciated.
    Marissa Blackmore
    Edgewood College
  • Great time with my IT team getting away from the keyboards and monitors for a non-digital activity!  Thanks Escape This for making the event effortless for me.
    Keith Firari
    Jones Dairy Farm
  • I’ve participated in escape rooms twice before (both with other outfits in Madison) but the experience with Escape This was by far the most fun and well-designed. I also really appreciate how they took the time to debrief the group and highlight some of our successes and failures—all in the context of team building. Their attention to detail and personal touch was incredibly professional.
  • We did this as a work bonding for our team of 6 and it was so much fun. If you're into problem-solving and unraveling mysteries, this is up your alley. We did the Lost Friday Night option which had us giggling the whole time. Renee did a great job of giving us feedback on our team dynamics and what she saw while we solved the puzzles. If your office is thinking about a team building day - do this! It's something our whole department will be laughing about for the next several months.
    Kathleen Murphy
    John Deere Financial
  • I took my team of seven to Escape This! Not only was it a great time, but Renee and Chris were friendly, organized, and helpful. I loved the feedback they provided to my team about what they observed about our interactions and teamwork during our hour in the room. I highly recommend Escape This!
    Helen Brausen
    UW Center for Professional & Executive Development
  • Our team had a blast and it was an awesome experience for all of our employees. I would absolutely recommend this to other organizations looking for a fun and engaging team building event!
    Jill Clay
  • Thanks for a wonderful time on Friday evening with our group of friends! What fun and interesting hosts who took time to talk to us and share cool facts with us as first-timers. The game was a blast and we'll be back to tackle another room very soon!
  • My friends and I went here for my birthday and had a great time. It was a lot of fun and we needed nearly everyone's problem solving to solve the various puzzles of the room. Different people had different knowledge sets to help in different puzzles. Well done.
  • So much fun!! Loved solving the puzzles and figuring things out with my family. Kept us busy for the full time, but I'm happy to say that we ended our mission successfully!
  • We took our 10 and 12 year old to the Alice in Wonderland themed room, and it was phenomenal. Perfect for a family activity!
  • We went here as part of my birthday adventure, and it could not have been a better choice. All of us were engaged and had fun trying to figure out the clues. I'm excited to come back for any future rooms!
  • My friends and I went here for my birthday and had a great time. All but one of us were escape room newbies. I loved how the puzzles built on each other and in some cases, two separate puzzles provided the code for a third puzzle lock It was a lot of fun and we needed nearly everyone's problem solving to solve the various puzzles of the room. Different people had different knowledge sets to help in different puzzles. Well done.
  • Myself and five of my friends decided to try Escape This for my birthday and we had a terrific time! It was a great group activity since it took insights and findings from all of us to contribute to finding the clues that eventually lead us out.
  • Escape This went above and beyond for our Controller Quarterly Management event. Both Renee and Chris made sure we had everything we needed to have a successful day at their facility. Their attention to detail was incredible. The team members here in the American Family Controller Division have not stopped talking about how much fun they had. This experience was everything we hoped for and more.
    Betsy Krebs-McGuire
    American Family Insurance
  • Everyone was very excited about the event and we had a blast!  And, I learned a thing or two about my co-workers that surprised me!
    Michelle Rorvig
    Prairie Grove Orthodontics
  • The team had a great time.  I would highly recommend Escape This to others!  Thanks for everything.
    Debra Dexheimer
    Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Each of our four groups had an amazing time, thank you for being so accommodating! The rooms and environment were professional and friendly. Keep up the good work!
    UW Residency Program
  • Planned a birthday party here and it was a great experience! Cool place for a group of friends to spend a night, made lots of funny memories. Looking forward to future rooms! Thanks for the fun times!
  • We had a great time at Escape This!  A great team building event and we also had some great laughs and fun!  Renee was super accommodating and helped me plan out all the details.  Thank you!!  Would highly recommend!
    Emmy Johnson
    Amphion Medical Solutions
  • Escape This was the best team building activity we have done in a long time! I saw fantastic communication between team members, great teamwork and strategic problem solving in a group environment…and best of all… I saw more “High 5’s” in an hour than I have ever seen with this team before!
    Mike Blang
    The Douglas Stewart Company
January 15, 2016

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January 15, 2016

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